[English]CableKnight EV 8mm SUV Commercial cable anti-theft device [French]Dispositif antivol à câble commercial EV 8 mm SUV


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Protect your SUV/Commercial vehicle EV Charging Cable from theft with a CableKnight anti-theft locking device.

Made in England with 8mm Stainless Steel. 
Unique design avoids padlocks, keys, damage by parking on the cable, vandalism to a car's own cable device etc.
Made with the finest quality products:
8mm solid stainless steel that won't rust.
3M Hi-viz reflector to assist you and to act as a trip-hazard warning.
High quality Velcro hook & loop cable tidy.
Just pass the cable through the ZigZag, place it in front of or behind a tyre and park on the ZigZag.
Works on tarmac, gravel, paving and even grass. Use your wing mirrors to position the tyre if necessary.
This is the 8mm SUV/Commercial version. A 6mm Domestic vehicle version is available.
NB A circle of 8mm has 2 x the area of a 6mm circle but in terms of bending, an 8mm rod is over 3 times stronger than a 6mm rod! 8/6 ^4 = 3.13
More information at https://www.cableknight.com
Patent Applied for.
Design registration number 6212721
CableKnight is a registered Trademark.
Wholesale enquiries welcome.